Free Cartomancy Readings

Free Cartomancy Readings

Cartomancy which is one of the oldest practices of Psychic reading still remains its influence up to now. This ancient practice appeared in the 14th century after playing cards were first introduced widely in Europe. Taking advantage of a deck of powerful and mystical cards, Cartomany is convinced as a method of divination which can spiritually reveal the locked information in the past, present and future.

Let’s Get A Glimpse Of Cartomancy Reading!

For centuries, Cartomancers use a deck of cards to perform their paranormal consultation and get seekers’ questions answered in a delighted manner. It is informed that Tarot readings are considered as a form of Cartomancy. In that sense, Cartomancy covers the use of various cards spreading randomly, such as a single card or three-card spread.

It is worth bearing in mind that this playing card reading was the most favorite form of fortune telling throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries all over the world.

  • In English-speaking countries
    Cartomancy reading is performed via the use of Anglo-American Poker playing cards – a standard deck which consists 52 cards and 4 suit-set.
  • In France
    Card readers can take advantage of the use of both 32-card piquet deck and 52-card piquet deck for the purpose of providing an in-depth Psychic connection and intuitive insight

Free Cartomancy Readings

Living in today’s multicultural world, the interpretation of Cartomancy Reading is also variable due to the different norm and perception of each culture and religion. Anyway, the most popular Cartomancy deck will contain 52 cards. At present, it is available to find dozens of Psychic sites offering Free Cartomancy Readings which will bring your destined divine messages to light for free. The sample of Cartomancy Reading comprises a short interpretation of cards’ meaning associated with some noteworthy guidance for life instruction. Seekers just need to access a Cartomancy site and get a full automatic reading for free just by one click on a button Start Reading, for example.

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