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I am currently offering a free cartomancy reading,

First of all, i am no psychic but have been doing cartomancy for years for other people. I learned it from my grandmother and a bunch of references. I am one of those readers who dont do reading for themselves, hence me asking for one before in yahoo. Most of these readings manifested in a few months.
cartomancy is the use of playing cards , 52 cards, to tell you insights from yourself, road or lane. Just email me your question, whether it be family, relationships, career or question. and just your first name @ I’d be more than happy to help you out. im not asking for any fee. I’d just like to put my skills into good use. Also, a lot of misconception about metaphysics is that, people label it as some kind of magic/power etc. It is a form of art that has started thousand of years ago. .
If interested, just send me a message.

I am currently in the philippines and have been spending my time doing readings for a few people here without fees involved.

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that sounds quite interesting, i might take you up on that.

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Does anyone give me a free cartomancy reading?
Everywhere I look there’s a scam for a price.

Can someone give me a general reading on me and this guy I’m interested in named Jonathan. My birthday is April 19, 1989.
My name is Krystal
THIS IS THE WHOLE SCENARIO,IF YOU NEED MORE BACKGROUND INFO!….I’d been working out since I started college in the college gym fall semester and one day Johnathan(a student who worked in there)approached me, asked my name, introduced himself. He asked why I was always working out, if i was in a sport, then he left to do some things applicable to his job. Then he came back and said “I’m going to bother you some more” He asked my age and when I said 18 he said “That’s great.” (I guess he said that because I’m 18 and legal???!)Then he asked what I was doing later, and since I don’t live on campus I told him “I’m going home.” I’m confused on whether he even was interested in me, though. He never said anything to me again and never said hi. Did he want to get to know me and did he think I rejected him by saying I was going home? (continued)
(CONTINUED)I see him all the time still
One friday THIS semster in the day he asked me if someone was using a computer next to me and i said “no” not realizing it was him and he sat down. When he sneezed I said “bless you” and he said “thankyou” and when I needed to get up i said excuse me” and he said “sure..but later on that friday in the gym when I asked him when the gym closes on fridays one day when my friend came to the gym with me he barely looked at me and just said “at 6″ with somewhat of an attitude!!! It’s been a while so it’d be too awkward for me to even say hi ….
but last week i used a fake survey and approached him and asked him to take it. i think he has some bitterness towards me b/c he said “i dont want to take that” then eventually he warmed up a little and asked “for how much” then b/c I was smiling and i said “please” and that it was a relationshipo survey he said ok and then “but no one loves me” haha.
But now i’m not sure but i think he has a girlfriend because i see him with this girl often now.
Was there ever even a chance for Jonathan and I? Does he want to talk to me at all??

thats it

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yea email me

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free psychic reading?
Hi , Its the same person!

I’d love to give out free cartomancy readings. Just email me your name and the issues you’d like to make me do a reading for! Any issues and whatever question. Send it to

PLEASE TAKE NOTE : Do not send me specific details or anybody , especially if its a paid reading. You’re pretty much giving it away, and losing $ $ etc. Just saying. :)

Cartomancy is the use of cards 52 decks to give out insights, informations on matter. This is my second time doing this and its worked for me so far and the people i gave out readings to . its free and again the email address is ! First come first serve, im only might be doing couple for tonight and the rest would be tomorrow and whenever i have freetime. I love what im doing .
hey hoots of wisdom. I did reply to your readings, i stated “invitation”etc. and you had to reply invitation.Just send me if you want me to do another reading. Yess it is what it is. Just to let everyone know, Unless you’re going to ask for another/different subject. Please dont send me questions that just repeats everything i wrote down. Thank you very much.

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you never responded to my email but that’s alright i guess. Okay I emailed you (:

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